Wednesday, 19 October 2016

So You Don't Write in Your Blog Daily?

So you don't write on your blog every day? Me neither. 
But I'm going to change all that. There is an Italian café/restaurant just a few doors away from where I live in Prague. It specialises in seafood which is perplexing because Prague is located in the geographical centre of the European continent, and more particularly 1000km from the Italian Mediterranean. How do all those little fishy and shellfishy get here so fast? The menu always says they are fresh. But I'm not here for the seafood.
This cafe is where I will blog daily. It is difficult for me to get a coffee the way I like it here in Prague. I have an espresso but in a large cup, with hot milk on the side. Try saying that in Czech. It is my attempt at replicating the
caffè lattes or flat whites I used to drink in Melbourne. They do serve something similar here but what you get is highly variable in terms of the strength and the amount of milk and foam. At least in Prague, unlike Melbourne, you aren't asked whether you would prefer full fat, "skinny", or shock horror, soy milk. Take the fat out and all the flavour goes too. Soy milk? Don't even get me started on that one. Soy is an industrial byproduct. Once you get past the milk thing, in Melbourne the coffee is as good as you will find in Italy. Melbourne is bursting at the seams with Italians who migrated to Australia in the 1950s after WW2.

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