Saturday, 22 October 2016

Losing Weight - Part 1

Gotcha! I thought somebody might read my blog if I did a weight loss post. It's a popular topic. This isn't a weight loss blog. It's more 'anything and everything', whatever happens to come into my head at any given moment. But. . . weight loss is something I can write about.
Years ago, a friend threw a surprise birthday party for me. I stepped on the weighing scales at her house as my own scales were long buried in a cupboard. I got a second surprise. I knew I had put on weight, but 15 kilos? It spoilt the party for me and I sat in a corner and sulked.
Next day, still sulking, I complained to a slim colleague about it. "You can run it off", she replied very matter of factly. She was a keen jogger. I started to complain about running and she cut me off. "If you don't want to run, then walk. It just means it will take you twice as long. Takes me 30 minutes to do a 5km jog so you will have to cover 5km in an hour. That's a brisk walk. Walking the dog and stopping every few minutes doesn't count. And you need to do it daily if you want results."
Thank you Lorraine wherever you are. Sometimes, someone says something that makes an impact. I think it was her matter of factness that made me think it just might work.
I started the very next day.
Don't groan. It's not as hard as you think. You start seeing results after about 6 weeks which is a great motivational boost.  Twelve months later I had lost the 15 kilos. . . Don't groan again at the length of time. Just remember that I was getting slimmer with each passing month. It stays off if you lose it slowly. I never put the weight back on. Stay tuned because I also discovered some workarounds in the weight loss game which made it even easier.

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